We always initiate conversations with others – but have we ever taken out the time to have a conversation with ourselves?


Making room to introspectively talk to ourselves boost our conscientiousness level while also enhancing our confidence when we communicate with others.


So what is self-talk?


It is a conversation with oneself that helps one to understand what is going on in our inner realm of consciousness. Or to put it simply – it is giving mouth to our internal cosmos/ world and connecting it to the outer world with an element of positivity.


While are constant inner dialogue consists of our insecurities, fear, negativity and general not-so-pleasant experiences, our positive self-talk offsets the little torments of our mind and heart and concentrates on bringing about contentment, inner peace and irons out the quirks that derail our natural conversational positive conversation with ourselves.


Not what does Self-talk has to do with self-marketing?


When you practice self-talk every day for at least 15 minutes a day, just like meditation, whatever your mind dwells on, it grows with it and eventually directs you to take action to accomplish it until it becomes second nature to you.


So say for example if you positively affirm yourself that you love being a marketing coach via helping startups put their money where there is a definitive ROI; or: you love being a life coach because you help people get rid of their pressing life problems, by constantly giving your brain that positive feel-good-factor to your brain, you become better in your profession every passing day!


And what’s more? You understand yourself consummately. You are able to assess your status-quo; and professionally, you will be able to write your goals with a more concrete assessment of yourself and the situation you are into.


But before you talk to yourself, first listen to what your inner self is telling you most of the times. If it is negative, you know you need to instantly knock off that mind numbing and sulking talks and focus on what will make you take action to improve that inner negative bout of emotions. A peppy self-talk also controls you from taking impulsive and hasty decisions via assessing the context of the situation. It re-engineers your inner dialogue with yourself and gradually transpires into a positive, illuminating personal brand.


You self-marketing perception improves with positive self-talk – and that reflects in your talks, speeches, seminars, e-mails, blogs, books (if you plan to write one), or any other communication channel.


Now wouldn’t you want to give yourself an uplifting talk and feel in control of your life – and your personal brand?


It’s simple: whatever you give your mind most of the time, it develops you with that constant feeding – be it negative or positive thoughts.


When your self-talk improves, you eventually start communicating with people more appropriately. This improves your general talk – be it written and verbal – with your customers, prospects, and colleagues, too!


And when you articulate your personal brand socially, you will be selective (positively) about the words that resonate the best with your brand’s persona.


So start enhancing your brand’s strengths with some positive self-talk!