Starting off on a contrarian note: it’s not about you.
And that’s the truth, especially given that I write about personal branding.
But why?
Because you’re here for something bigger, more far-reaching, purposeful.
You’re here for serving people, helping people, and inspiring people.
Thinking about your next promotion, bonus or recognition is natural. But that sometimes derails you to attend to the minutiae of the moments that are so dense and meaningful.
Do yourself a favour: let nature max you out of your highest potential. I listened in to Emily Fletcher, founder of Ziva Meditation, and she says this the best: let nature use you as a vessel for you to deliver your gifts to the world. (This is more subtle, and more powerful!)
And when you think from a selfless perspective, life empowers you to take bold decisions and come alive from all shackles – personal and professional, in its own natural way.
As we approach our own kind of ‘winterish’ holidays to renew our perspective about what 2020 has in store for us, just make it about the greater good. Be a better person. Smile more. And don’t talk about yourself; talk about what inspires others, cajoles others to stir up their life with hope, optimism and passion.
Don’t burn yourself. But be kind.
Because its not about you; it’s about some kind of burning mission, which your soul wants to realise – let it help you get there. And along the way, make meaning, savor moments,  undergo redemption, and in the process, create a life worth living – you just have one!
Happy Holidays!