So: 2020 is almost here!
Somehow we are just designed for clockwork: forward-thinking, progressive humans, I mean.
And I can’t wait to share this little epiphany I just had.
We always talk about goals, resolutions and fancy, lofty aspirations (though aspirations never feel lofty, but to realise that we need to work!).
I want to let you in on 3 dense, meaningful, a bit provocative words: Always be curious – a better version of defining whatever ABC description you’d ever had.
A: Always is a beautiful, agreeable concoction of your past that has brought you to your present, and your present guides you to a more promising future. More so, its perpetuity is comforting yet regimented.
B: Be is not static, but actionable: a verb that propels you to keep iterating your present.
C: Curious(ity) powers you to comprehend the future in present through your intuition. And with time, your comprehension sharpens as you navigate the unseen through the lens of your instinct. Mostly, whatever you’re going to see on the horizon is already envisioned by your subconscious. Gradually, you’d never be stale when you experience failures. Because curiosity  helps you stay relevant with your inner compass of growth and clarity.
So, start 2020 with C (aka curiosity!) – and you’ll then invariably be curious!
Wishing everyone a gorgeous new year!