There are a lot of conversations on the Web about influencer marketing.
In part because influencers are Goliaths of their fields; have many followers; and have the power to shape their influence on things that matter.
But as we advance our times and see through what the future of influence and authenticity looks like, we are in for a pleasant sense of autonomy and authority.
Also: an article on Ideas Made To Matter blog by MIT Management Sloan School did give me a sense of respite in this context.
Our future of influencer marketing is reframing how we can become our own brand ambassadors. Ahead, 4 rational points.
  1. Being yourself matters more, when everything else is taken. Having your own brand currency sounds short-lived? No. When you’re more of you, you encourage people to be more of them – and in the end, you advocate for authenticity and appreciation and recognition. Because people value what you stand for, your values, ethics, and purpose. This way, you align with people – be it micro or big influencers – who share your common sense of inspiration. And with time, you build your personal brand value alongside a growing community of thinkers and doers like you.
  2. Social media paves way for less pompousness and more real conversations. Likability is not predicated on emojis and likes; it is rooted in your brand’s long term vision, which reflects in your purpose – creatively and sensibly. Longevity of your efforts will always trump any hoopla that reverberates when your new launch your personal brand. People resonate with stickiness of your brand’s purpose, not the occasional, fancy creative  – through both combined gives enduring results.
  3. Authority is the way you’ll be known. Creating more content that reflects your brand’s meaning, consistently, will win you more points when you promote any idea, product or solution. Given that your customers want to know more about you than you when they want to do business with you, is challenging. Your content has to be anticipatory and walk your customers’ future thoughts. This can only be possible when you think ahead – or try to go beyond what your competition is already doing. Your initial content offering (aka ICO) has to match your customers final outcome.
Sounds like its time you be more of yourself and harness the power of personal branding – and you’ll be on your way to be your best endorsement your future self will thank you for!