Feeling loved is not just a personal feeling; it encompasses the workplace lovability aspect as well.
Just like how romantic love is essential for a great emotional health, so is warmth, compassion and care equally/ and sometimes more important for us to thrive in our work.
Love has its own beautiful variances. Think of situations when your coworker helped you raise your bar of high performance, or gave you a nice, warm, fuzzy pep talk that gave your a new, refreshed perspective to face workplace challenges head-on.
These small, random acts of kindness enriches our emotional lives more deeply than we realise.
And pleasantly, feeling and giving love elevates our productivity and overall work performance. Because we see common element of empathy in our conversations, we subconsciously drive up our collective mojo to work better, smarter and more effectively.
  1. Love, when expressed and shared, flourishes into a culture laced in deep compassion, and the ability to belong with others regardless of differences of any sorts
  2. Love, when poured into our daily interactions with our colleagues and our work ecosystem, becomes a disciplined verb.
  3. Love, in its more implicit form, makes us more intentional about our work decisions – ones that are for the greater good than just a plain moment-based feeling of being right.
  4. Love helps become a better version of ourselves and keeps us attuned with our innate purpose and goodness.
Most of all, bringing our whole selves to work is not overpowering; it’s liberating. Why? Because being loved also diminishes the demarcation of being your dual professional and personal self. Love melds our identity with wholesomeness and a sense of universal humaneness, which reflects in our behaviour, conversations and our making of our personal brand.
So don’t be shy to give a compliment or raise that toast to congratulate on your colleague’s promotion – in most likelihood, they need your love more ardently that you think.
We all need more love – and it starts with you!