Let’s face it: We can’t always be our best selves at work – and life.
Life just seems to be advancing even when we don’t make progress. And that sometimes feels edgy, when we are in pattern with the advancement, and sometimes feel a ‘lagging’ void, when we don’t make the progress warranted with the conditions.
Result? We get worked up. A bit stressed. And start to wonder why are we all running and chasing the next summit?
So how do you stay ahead all the time?
Can you allow me to give your an ironic answer?
Take a deep breath and listen in: the answer is to slow down, as fast as the world goes, in circles, linearly or disruptively.
A lot of traction – of ideas, meaning, purpose, true north decisions – is churned when you slowly, deliberately question – why are you doing all this at the very first place?
Go back to activating your fundamental purpose – your why and your why not.
You will find more meaningful epiphanies when you truly unlock your present – and your status-quo.
And to give you a sweet reason: you will be more productive, efficient and grateful when you take it one step at a time.
Slow is not the new fast, but meaningful progress towards your goals, aspirations and deepest desires.
So here are my 2 cents on what keeps me going – and can help you, too:
  1. Have a whiteboard day in your week. Make one day in your week, which is dedicated to you, your loved work and people. Delightfully, your brain will naturally reboot to seeking inward reflection and help you create some whitespace that enhances your craft – be it writing, photography, heck – coding, music – and the list can go on.
  2. Scale what sticks. Make some time to revisit what has helped you arrived here. What have been your highlights and some great learning pivots that have shaped you as a human and professional. And simply put: scale it until you reach a new pivot. Gradually, you will come closer to your ideal self and resultantly build a voice that is true to you and your work – yes, combined!
  3. Self-acknowledge by going public. Create your personal IPO of your work and share it courageously with your ecosystem. You would be surprised to know that your ability to push yourself in work is further propelled through an underlying force of what your audience secretly expects from you. You can become a guiding inspiration for your ecosystem when you share your own best version of work uniquely and emotionally created for them. When you think about your work – which eventually is not even about you, but for a greater purpose – you’d love to contribute more generously, which keeps you going!
Over to you.
What keeps you going?