COVID 19 has got the best of us; tried us in ways we can’t even imagine. Layoffs, furloughs, work transitions – while they look an aberration at present but things have gradually changed for us in our work lives.

We have been exposed to our biggest fears, and in the process have been presented with the gift of gratitude. Something we all want deep down our hearts: that things will be fine. Some say it is the new normal and others just let it come the way we evolve with this pandemic.

Personally for me, I found strength in my vulnerability. In my pain. In my loss. In my grief. I found a glimmer of hope by processing who I am in this phase of my life. And, in the process, I became resilient.

I urge you to open up, speak up for yourself, put your foot down when things sounds discomforting or unsettling. Isn’t this the very foundation of building yourself from the ground-up? To be true to your values, to your character, to the real wonder in your soul?

Being expressive of your feelings and emotions isn’t something you should feel weak at. It’s by expressing the real you is when you help others to be who they really are.

I think the most lurking emotions we all want to feel in our gut is ’SAFETY’ and ’NOURISHMENT’- and we can only feel them fully and naturally when we accept our vulnerability and be our whole self at work and life.

So, cry a little if you feel stuffed with aching stories you’ve been narrating to yourself. Smile when you see your mother cooks that soulful meal for you. Hug the trees when you go for that blissful walk. And most importantly, be kind.

Vulnerability casts a wide light on how you choose to define yourself. It helps you see more of you and become more of you while changing the world around you for the better.

Now just go be you – you’re the best!

Photo by Raamin ka on Unsplash