Hello folks,

It’s that time of the year where we are all reflecting on our yearly agenda – given that we have arrived into August, a month that promises the rise of ‘fall’ and a redefinition of progress.

Life can be tough – and really tough. We all go through some amiss to find the opportunity that really clicks with us. But sometimes, we are knocked down so much that we can barely find our feet to stand up again and face the world.

The same roses remind us of thorns. The relationship sweetness reminds us of the impermanence that life teaches us. The jobs we ‘own’ disown us in a few years.  And then we feel this aching pain in our heart of how things change, and change us so deeply.

My heart goes out for folks who have been laid off from their bread-earning jobs, in most part their families hinged on to their paycheck to infuse some happiness with the money spend on meaningful things. I, myself, on this freelancing journey cringe sometimes – how I wish I did a job instead of traversing this tumultuous freelancing journey. 

We all need that psychological safety to enjoy what we do. But sometimes we need to create that safe haven to let go of ‘knock downs’ that have us in a misery.

It is to find doing what you love, and fight for your passion, and build your resilience.

So here’s the title that speaks in its expressive form – ‘rejection is redirection’. And truthfully so.

When you feel you’ve fallen really hard and bad and miserably. Just get up, make yourself a coffee, take a deep breath and exhale from your mouth, and thank yourself for how far you have come. 

You see, comparisons can put us on an envy battery charge that doesn’t necessarily brings out the best in us. Go for honouring your highest self – and everything that you perceived about success grounds itself into practical learning, self-development, and deep awareness about yourself.

So these very rejections that mock at you at some point, point you into directions where you self will keep evolving and growing into the most amazing version of you.

These redirections can get you back to where you started, so you can initiate with more practical wisdom and experience. Because this time you are not starting from scratch, but from your experience. And every time you start from a new experience set point, you become more resilient, grounded, safe and more compassionate for your shortcomings and vulnerabilities as well as for others. But also, its like a compounding learning experience, where your learning becomes useful to be applied to a given situation in the future – given the variability of life applications.

So you are not rejected. You are guided for a better future that needs just the shape of experiences and character that nature has embodied you with!

Photo by Jamie Templeton on Unsplash