Let’s face it: Entrepreneurs and founders are busy folks. They already have too many things to deal with on a given workday. Be it sealing an investment deal, concluding an immersive town hall, speaking with customers and prospects, or simply giving a pep talk to an unmotivated employee at work.

Emotional and work baggage builds over a period of time until you know that you have a problem. 

We have to cater to not just new people but also varied mindsets that would need a reason to believe in what we do. And boy, that’s tougher than you think.

Plus: the expectations of every person a founder manages (at best) and tries to manage (at worst) – well, the table stakes of being a business owner is high risk (though also rewarding, to ease you up).

So, then, just imagine the level of documentation a given day carries for these busy professionals.

But let’s not forget, you also have to build a brand that resonates with your customers and audience over a period of time. Until a whiff of air washes all your efforts just because you didn’t enunciate why you and your business exist at the very first place.

This is where a writer helps tell the story while you are busy dealing with your business mandate.

A writer, who understands you, and writes on the journey you are traversing: is also called a ghostwriter.
Placed ahead are 3 reasons why you (as a founder/ owner/ professional/ execute) should hire a ghostwriter to make your lives way easier and smoother than you’d imagine.

  1. Ghostwriters are also professionals. Oftentimes writers are given a scrappy image of just ranting their intellectual rigor with dancing words and flowery jargon. But the truth is, they are the real seekers: of new perspectives, worldviews, diverse stances, and ideas. Not to forget, since they read a lot, they absorb the most intricate and complex topics to simplify the rationale for your audience. So let the professionals do their job while your professionalism shines in what you are meant to do to deliver an impact that is cohesive and in sync with your collective vision.
  2. They are your writing ally paired with an angelic expression. When a writer resonates with your thinking yet challenges you to tell your story more innately balanced with humble activism on a given topic, you’ve discovered your story. Ghostwriters are essentially message mavens of your personal brand. They understand your brand messages from a theme standpoint and then bring in your expression to words through emotions that reflect your personality and voice.
  3. More time for your business endeavors, while your story is being told. Since ghostwriters can cover a spectrum of topics and write in a well-cadenced manner, as a founder or an executive you save time on what contributions you need to make the business vehicle nearly smooth in its overall operation. You may not always have certain writing ‘chops’ to articulate your story even though you implicitly know what to say. Ghostwriter once captures the essence of your ‘why’ and can create an enduring narrative on the web for the world to see. Though, of course, you need to take caution of the fact that frequent changes in your hiring of ghostwriters can alter your voice and may not be a connective tissue between your brand and your business and customer ecosystem.

So, if you are planning to hire a keen writer who is the seeker and the sought of your brand’s purpose, ghostwriting is actually the real thing! – and it gives your long-term business results you don’t want to miss given that time is limited for all of us.