Now being a personal branding blogger and not propagating about ‘Personal Branding’ sounds a bit strange. But I am just like you – an individual with my set of strengths and weaknesses, which eventually leads me to define my ‘brand’.

That said, the definition of personal branding is not limited to having a great company, thought leadership or doling out lectures in workshops; it is about going ‘inward’ and listening to your inner voice when the world talks at (that’s noisy) or with (if you’re lucky) too much.

The best customer experience, engagement, and creating an internal culture rests upon your inner voice – one that is refined, raw, fresh and ‘you’. Your real voice is what doesn’t let you stay within the conventional boundaries of what being called as a ‘brand’ means – it is limiting but helps your free up to discover the true freedom and individuality of what your ‘brand’ really means to you – and the world.

So don’t feel knocked down by the millions of voices pouring on the Web; chances are, people like people who truly know themselves on the inward. And precisely that’s the reason why I say, in the face of ubiquity all around when people say, ‘they are a brand’, whereas they need to experience going inside to truly discover their voice that is more than ‘just’ a brand.

Your voice is more powerful, inspiring and moving than you think. And that’s the definition of a personal brand.

Do you feel the same?