All of us sometimes reach an impasse in our professional lives. Perhaps because either we are too fast and restless in achieving our career goals or we don’t have a clear idea about how to progress with our present jobs.

That said, feeling stuck is self-depleting and plain frustrating.

But you can still take a moment to step back and try looking at the bigger picture of your career.

Stepping back helps you decipher your career journey and unravels the reasons of what led you to this status-quo. Taking a small step back and then making a big leap makes you accelerate faster professionally.

Many times we are too caught up with career chaos: of getting a better job, a better pay hike or a promotion that we tend to overlook which drives us to reach that position at the very first place.

Examining and studying your career helps you map your career 5-8 years down the line, only when you take the earnest and honest effort to step back, introspect, and lean in.

You might want to change industries or switch to a role completely different from your present role – say from business development to a marketing consultant or an operations head; as a result, stepping back will help you unearth the hidden synergies between your current and prospective role in question.

It deliberately lets you bring out a compelling story narrative of your career and connect the dots that initially seemed uncorrelated.

Your personal brand needs a pivot when you see a challenge that eventually becomes an opportunity. You think clearly and creatively about your career goals when most of the people just scramble to get another job without doing their due-diligence.

How are you progressing with your career goals?

Let me know.