Simple; today, in order to keep your brand afloat, be wary of passing trends and innovation. Nothing lasts forever. In one of Dorie Clark’s blog on Forbes, she mentions that it is no longer enough to cultivate deep expertise in your business. While it is exhilarating to be a part of a trend or a competitive advantage, in some cases people are epic innovative thinkers and others are great at jumping at it without sometimes knowing its implications on their personal brand, but very few actually call it over – and know that it is over.

In other words, work in parallel with the latest competitive market trends, but have the tenacity to reinvent your personal learning trajectory when changes happen. As a result, it is important to be an agile personal brand: i.e. to be able to pick up cues from the market that it is time to pivot your business differently; it is time to change. This has a huge impact on your landing your next client that changing its business model faster than you think, or land you a job for yourself – just because you know what is changing and how with your business intuition.

That way you learn commercially viable skills then help you tap into new business opportunities – and keeps you adaptive. The best way to start? Read across genres, across cultures, across geographies, across academic journals, attend latest conferences and webinars in your industry and pick some brains in some think-tanks. Once you become a skilled opinioned individual, quite paradoxically, you don’t sound pompous or ‘too sexy for my shoes’ kind of person, you sound your own kind of version – which the world needs – an unadulterated viewpoint right from the horse’s mouth!

Again, blogging would be the best place to start.

How are you keeping up with market dynamism?