It’s trite; when you are in the boardroom, presenting to a group of decision makers who will sign off your next purchase order, your personal brand needs to shine through consistently. It has to be aligned with the blindspots that these decision makers are looking to fill with your plan of action.

While they do zoom in to your presentation statistics and visuals, but they already know what’s coming and so are looking for newer ways of coming up with solutions that best match their problem (which by the way is constantly altering while you are presenting).

So how do you pace up when your competitors possess the same charm in their presentation?

Now the answer I am going to give is a no-brainer, but here it goes: your presentation’s content.

Not all of us have a creative eye for making our presentation look more visually appealing, but we can always add the spark and offset this area of improvement with the value boost we give to our presentation.

When you kick-off your presentation with a context that is not just numbers and product/ service specific, your prospective customer can sniff that from a huge distance and will check off their criteria of evaluating you in the first 2-3 minutes.

Talking about what I mean by context: it is your perspective; your unbiased take; your bench-marking of the concept with unrelated trends and ideas that provide the potential client with a bold view of their business.

As mentioned in the book Big Think Strategy by Bernd H. Schmitt, coming up with bold ideas takes some insight and a mind to see things from a long-term horizon point of view – which again depends on how you define your presentation’s context that serves as a primer on what’s coming next.

This context is your own version of presentation’s content; make it conversational and interactive (with the apt mix of curiosity and satiation) – and you are on your way to win the business and impress your prospective client.

How about your secret sauce of crafting an excellent presentation?