There are publishers everywhere; be it entrepreneurs, proud advocates of companies, CEOs, employees, authors – the list can go on and on. And so with everyone writing on the Web, do we actually see people reading and listening to so much of content cacophony? Where is your brand, amongst the already given set of competitive voices?

The answer is right inside of you; pay heed to what matters when it comes to establishing your brand’s resonance with your audience.


Follow the stream of conversations where your audience is at. I personally take out the time to read, listen, analyze and converse with my audience on Twitter. I read every single tweet, at least till the time I am on Twitter for a particular period of time, and then analyze the content [links shared] on my Twitter stream. Paying close attention to what ultimately resonates with my personal brand, I am clear about who I am supposed to follow and who I could generally admire.

Sometimes you’d notice there isn’t much substance to learn when you keenly pay a listening ear to all the conversations; and that’s the point: you know how to use your intuitive slant in bringing up new conversations on the Web that need deliberation and eventually positions your brand differently from the pack. You can contribute your renewed perspective and add value to what’s been brewing in your network.

I have taken the example of Twitter in my case; but it could be Medium or LinkedIn for you; or depending on your brand’s personality and purpose, you might just be a hit on Instagram. That said, the bottom line is to listen in to the words and understand the deeper meaning of what lies in between. Going forward from now, only more evolved and matured perspectives are positively weighty in ironing out conversations’ process.  With more and more content on the Web, only the most valuable and comprehensive will become a point of healthy discussion. Not that it is not happening now, but it will only become more resonating with the way we all are publishing our content on the Web.

You listen in and your words will pour out more considerately. That way you will build solid brand resonance with your readers, customers and end consumers.

The good part of so much of content inundation in our lives is, we value what truly sticks and appeals to us; the rest can be repurposed later by us into better versions with enhanced meaning for our respective brands.

Simple: your content is the only way you can start making a genuine tribe of followers while also gradually building resonance with what your brand stands for.

How are your developing your brand’s resonance?

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