Running your own show [your business] can be really time-consuming, and sometimes a little awkward when you are dealing with yourself all the time. Awkward, because all you have in your little space is you, your laptop, and perhaps a cup of tea with a mounting to-do list to get tete-a tete with, every day.


So the respite you get is through getting things ‘done’ in your checklist, and get cracking into bigger opportunities to be somehow noticeable (for your work] in the market.


However, when the notion Solopreneur gets a bit unnerving to you, as you are all by yourself, this word can mean a bit ‘reclusive’, sometimes.


But the good part of being a Solopreneur is that, while you are operating as your best version of a single-man army, you do pair up with people who think like you, and sometimes you gel with people who will celebrate differences between yours and their viewpoints to arrive at an ‘agreeable’ perspective. You also start developing a virtual network of people who are excited and all fueled up with your business idea – and start working in partnership with you to support and grow your business to new heights.


Then this meaning will not sound all-too-solo. It would rather be a great enriching experience of connecting with different kind of people alongside a happy Solopreneur journey.


The question is, how?


Build a ‘personable’ personal brand that connects with people at the most fundamental level. No matter what field you are in – you could be a writer turned entrepreneur, a public speaker, a mompreneur-cum-blogger, or a business consultant – you satiate your ‘solo-preneurship’ via being helpful and co-creating value for your network.


In what possible ways?


  • Using the social media platform to engage with you via building a strong and relatable community.


  • Write an answer on Quora, to which many people need an answer to.


  • Blogging about your niche via which people can understand your story.


  • Writing for top publications where your community is at. This builds your thought leadership in your industry and makes you a respectable authority in your field.


  • Thinking on a higher level in your [business] consciousness that helps you connect with people via your intuitive and a proactive approach.


  • Leverage your niche in solving a problem for your industry. Think big, sometimes grandiosely big, but have a starting point.


  • Get some ‘good’ PR done – yes, that means your ‘connect’ with a PR agency and get some media coverage for your brand.


The deeper meaning of being solo is that you would succumb to make some mistakes, but if you have some place to start or execute, do it. Never mind if you are not right the first time; just execute when you feel your idea sounds fine for that time. The result? You come to terms with so many ‘trying ‘experiences, that never leave you ‘solo’: you start loving what you do, in the process.


What’s more? Being Solo helps you unearth your empathic side to people; you genuinely feel and relate with people in your community. Your desire to connect for something purposeful makes you share your ‘load’ with others in your business community very deeply.


By giving something valuable – that builds a social impact – is a fulfilling journey, and not precisely what solo is perceived as.


Adding value to your network from one to many, helps you amass a value-churning network and parlaying your brand’s value into some decent income, by the side.


A ‘solo’ in you can reveal you to unify with your passion community – in a way that you connect with your higher purpose – which, eventually, embraces you with your vision.


Go be Solo – and mingle!