We all are building some kind of a brand image in our ecosystem. While it’s exciting to constantly be ticking in the boxes of the checklist that we have secretly formulated for ourselves, somewhere there is one critical question that hovers in our mind: that makes us feel a bit undone when it comes to our branding efforts.


And that is: Is it any meaningful?


To which, more questions start to emerge.


Let’s spell them here. Though they may sound basic – but they need our utmost focus to define our brand more meaningfully.


Here they go:


  • Am I making any difference (big or small) to the people I am serving?
  • Am I creating or co-creating any value for my network? Is it giving 100X return to my network for the compensation I am getting?
  • Am I holding myself accountable for any missteps or misdoings that I might inadvertently make?
  • Do I really love myself – before I project my brand in front of my people?
  • What are the values and traits I want people to remember me for?
  • Is my expertise just business-centric? Can I make it more people-oriented?
  • Am I really happy doing what I am doing? Is it any impactful and inspiring?
  • Just in case I transcend the emotion of happiness, do I ‘decide’ to stay content, because I know I am doing something meaningful?
  • Are my services creating a positive effect on my audience?
  • Am I solving a problem or filling a need?
  • Do I connect with a larger purpose that engulfs my brand’s very existence?
  • Am I reaching out to as many people I can at a given point of time?
  • Am I answering the critical questions in my industry that my audience wants an answer to?
  • Am I focusing on the vital few priorities that spread my brand’s core message to my respective stakeholders?
  • Am I self-motivated enough to handle ordeals that come my way in the evolution of my brand’s journey?
  • Am I learning, unlearning and relearning while growing my brand?
  • Am I thankful for the lovely gift of talent and drive that is given to me to make this world a better place?


Now let’s turn this to you. Are you being ‘you’ in this whole question and answer process – and making honest commitments to be more meaningful?


I leave the answers to you. Think about it.


Strive for meaning – and you will be on the road toward greater empathy, gratitude, contentment, and life that you want to live!