You make your own commitments, your plans, your goals – or whatever you call it.

It’s that time of the year again when we look back on what we have accomplished versus what’s still in progress – well, it’s the way you look at it: your version of 2017.

Introspection is in a way a good thing – you get to go in the inside of your life’s fences to unleash what can really give your life more meaning, purpose and joy.

So when you are almost over with your choices of giving shape to a new 2018, just decide and take action.

You can decide and take responsibility for the ramifications of your decision – but just decide.

There is no secret formula for a happy and a prosperous new year; it’s plain action.

No ideation. There are enough and more ideas you can see around yourself, but there are very few people who actually execute on what they foresee/ ideate.

So here are a few decisions that you need to instantly make and execute – no questions asked:

  • Decide to love your work; enough of whining and wallowing in your complaint zone.
  • Decide to learn; don’t just regurgitate things that are quickly becoming redundant; consistently learn and keep an open mind.
  • Decide to keep commitments; don’t give false hopes, but learn to stick on: in relationships, associations, work, and clients.
  • Decide to live with your purpose. You are your own DNA that is characteristically shaped by your own variables – personal, professional and emotional. Stick to your DNA and work on what is more of you.
  • Decide to be more empathetic. Seriously, feel the other side. That is all that matters.
  • Decide to forgive. No point in keeping emotional baggage that will stifle you and block positive energies to emanate from you when you want to feel it the most.
  • Decide to speak up when you are right. It’s true – if you think you are right, you are.
  • Decide to have gratitude. Enough said about it; it’s mentally liberating and relaxing to simply thank and be grateful for what you have. It’s powerful to feel the emotional security when you have your loved ones with you.
  • Decide to live; yeah, you are living but are you thriving? Love your life; you get to live it once!

Decide to make 2018 a year you will never regret on all fronts.

Merry Christmas!