I get asked a lot: on why I have switched so many jobs. Now after giving interviews for almost a decade of my life, I’m almost into an autopilot mode of answering this question in a more meaningful way.
Why? Because you can’t always map your progressive path: of where it leads you, as its futuristic after all. But you can always connect those undercurrents of your job transitions when you look back at what you’ve done in your career.
Sometimes your jobs are interim positions that engineer you for something more purposeful. When you navigate jobs that may not always align with your calling/ vocation, this banality helps you find out what you truly love doing at work.
While you may think, ‘I don’t have it quite figured out, so I’d do what I’m doing’; this translates as ‘my job is good for now’.
But some of you would still take those ‘transit’ jobs that lead you to your vocation: it could be full time writing, arts/ designing, philanthropy, dancing, marketing, being an entrepreneur, freelancer, etc.
On an inspiring note, I’ve updated my social handles with just one phrase: ‘Love the mortality project called life’. And for a reason. I encourage you to keep trying in your early 20s and 30s of what keeps you ticking, what keeps you going. And when you feel you need to make a change, do it. Finding your ‘mojo-vation’ is not cliche, it has a deep meaning when your truly enjoy what you do for for a living.
But once you’ve tried – and failed – and learned, still do what you really love. This is the ultimate remediation to a more glorious, thriving career.
Your seeking system will never deprive you of personal satisfaction and deep immersion into what fuels your passion.
So, go and seek what is (also) seeking you.