Outward signals that we send to others through our style and personality is something we can always adapt to based on our environment. But the inner drive and values that form our belief systems and DNA are almost always codified.

And so as an individual, to have a sense of integration between what needs to change and what needs to be more firm, needs a reflection – a look inward into what mechanics work for your self-growth and adaptation.

Here are two ways you can work with both the absolute and relative aspects of your brand’s existence – and growth.

Be true to who you are. More than anything else, it’s your character – inner strength and values – that will shape your brand’s identity and strengthen your presence, enduringly. In the book Leader’s Handbook, Ron Ashkenas and Brook Manville resolutely talk about the importance of leading through character: the personal, intangible, and ethically oriented aspects that define who you are. Your resilience will help you navigate the zig-zag world of business and career. Of course when you know you can’t trade for what defines you for a transactional association, people would gradually understand your position and your stickiness for what you can’t be. More-often-than-not result? You will eventually get business for who you are. Speaking your truth will always lend you more credibility and respect (not just admiration).

Flex your style of communication and general disposition. Now here comes the changing aspect: of how you need to present yourself to others. The book also talks about variations in people’s menu for success. So you’d need to stop remediating your weaknesses and shine with what comes naturally to you as your strengths. Why? Your style and habits will reflect of what makes your more likeable to others. You’d naturally have your own gravitas of attributes that not just help you interact better but will keep you nimble when you deal with varied kinds of people. So it all starts with knowing yourself progressively and maximising your brand’s evolution through new experiences and meeting new people!

Over the course of time, you will effortlessly articulate who you are and how you can adapt to new situations and even contingencies from your place of truth and the willingness to understand and empathise with people on the other side.

How are you coping with the changing and unchanging aspects of your brand?