Expecting and accepting things are natural. After all, humans are made with an intention to progress and accept change to live on this planet.

But accepting things that are not aligned with our true selves is compromising with mediocrity.

Life may seem sometimes impertinent in the way it greets us in the form of new people, places, and things that may not resonate with our beliefs, emotional well-being, and way of living.

However, survival is crucial. So we all accept things to simply be, and then move on.

So here’s how I put it: Accept right.

Now, what does this mean?

Accept things that are meant for the better of you, and not sabotage your belief systems and life journey.
Sure, pivots give us a new direction but ensure that acceptance makes you more of yourself and less of what people think you could be.

Think about it: how much time ‘becoming’ holds? To simply be is to accept things with grace and believe that it is for the better; something more purposeful that will come your way.

To accept right shapes new perceptions, helps us be in the moment instead of festering over the past, and believing that each acceptance has a story and meaning that can holistically make us more evolved. Adam Grant rightly says: ‘Integrity isn’t fidelity to your beliefs. It’s fidelity to seeking the truth.’ So while our belief systems are often codified, we can change our perspective to embrace the new reality with new information that serves us well.

Now when life meets you with new acceptance stories, know that nature has more information than you! (This is what my meditation practice teaches me.)

To accepting the world with grace, optimism, and meaning – you got this!

Photo by Amanda Jones on Unsplash