These are unprecedented times. As humans, we are wired for change and progress – especially when life throws a curveball at us and jolts us to respond to this crisis.

As rightly said by Shane Parrish in one of his quotes, that you need to make others’ hindsight your foresight. As is applicable for modern marketers who have to not just be proactive in their brand and marketing initiatives, but also react intelligently to uncertain, volatile and disrupting challenges.

You see, reaction is not an impulsive word. It can be construed along the lines of careful examination of current context and having the situational awareness to handle it with care and caution.

While marketers love the anticipation edge – especially when carving new campaigns that address the business and social issues in their terrain – they also take pride in acting in accordance with sudden changes that beckon their marketing and business expertise.

Reactive marketing is to understand and comprehend the undercurrents of your market: the ones that can hit you up instantly. And proactive marketing is to foresee how you can elegantly augment from your current marketing play – essentially given the long term view of your business.

It is to say that your reactions today will set the footing strong for your pre-emptive measures to show results for your marketing organisation’s growth.

So blend both reaching and proactive marketing to deliver on both short term pivots and long-term business advancement.

How do straddle between proactive and reactive marketing?

Photo by Merakist on Unsplash