So we enter 2016 – here’s wishing everyone a great new year!

You have plans, agenda and new slate for a mounting to-do lists occupying your time more than ever this year.

And you are certain that it will work out just fine commencing a new year – which it should – after all you are working so hard to known for some good work at your workplace.

But think for a moment: have you taken out the time to actually evaluate what are your areas of improvement, your strengths aka your unique personal branding statement, the grey areas that need a better definition? In short: are you doing a self-brand check?

While constantly meeting the targets and work place pressures is taxing, have you had the chance to redefine what work and pressure means to you?

Just like how making room for self-improvement is a must to thrive in your career, you must also take some time to rethink and recalibrate your brand’s (yes, that’s your) strengths – the ones that are helping you accelerate towards the direction of growth instead of leaving you a little wayward and not definite.

A self-brand check entails the below questions – see if you are making progress on the work front via asking yourself these set of questions.

  • Have I defined my brand’s vision statement and the strategy to get where I want to be in the next 3 months?
  • Am I really loving what I am doing in my job? If yes – what are those work assignments that gets the best of my productive hours. If no, how should I pivot to like what I am doing?
  • Are my strengths coming to be useful for my team? If no, how can I contribute my strengths to improve the overall team performance and work synergy?
  • Am I making some self-learning room to improve my knowledge for my job? If yes – I must make an excel sheet (or keep a record) of the number of books, podcasts, Webinars and online courses I should be reading and listening to, and share it with my colleagues. If no – get started!
  • Am I a Maximizer or a Satisfier? (borrowed the titles from a blog published by Adam Grant, Class of 2013: Don’t Make the Right Decision; Make the Decision Right)
  • Do I work that hard to see the results I desire?
  • Am I proactive or reactive? In what areas I should start becoming more proactive to see better results?
  • Should I iterate my goals so that I can alter my approach – just in case I am not getting anywhere?
  • Can my areas of improvement be put use in other kinds of tasks that could lead me to better my performance?
  • Am I taking external feedback as positive to elevate my performance? If no, how am I being more emotionally balanced and receptive to feedback?
  • What is it that continues the statement ‘that only I can…’ – in summary, what is your 100 times multiplier that when done give you the edge over the competition while ensuring you use it as a team strength?
  • Am I able to also pursue my passion projects aside from the working hours? If yes, how much time should I dedicate – 1/ 2/ 3 hours? – to remain consistent?
  • Am writing more and speaking less – or perhaps giving just-the-right dose to communicate my work more intelligently?
  • Am I increasing my network of connections with people via their personal stories and career trajectory that strikes a chord with me?

To keep ‘checking in’ is actually a great learning experience in itself. It reveals your brand to yourself – helping you in making the necessary amendments to be your ‘A Level’ version when you are at work.

Your priorities are aligned with your brand’s vision – and you will feel more present, receptive and effortlessly orchestrate your tasks with ease yet precision!


Image courtesy of  digitalartat