The CEO of Bloomberg and New York City’s Mayor is more than just a successful entrepreneur and a billionaire – he is clear and candid about his harsh yet useful tips for small medium enterprises, budding entrepreneurs, millionaires in the making and for people in general.

The best one I picked up and instantly resonated with me was that there is not a worse day except when you lose your parents. And working hard every day is the only way you are inching towards a luckier life.

I personally find him an epitome of a great teacher more than anything else in how to cultivate and create a halo effect of your personal brand, regardless of favorable or non-favorable situations in your life.

This man became the world’s 14th richest billionaire by constantly executing his principles and policies in his life. The best bet for him to give a job to a person is when that individual is the one who thrives in adversity.

Now what does that really mean for you and me?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a consultant at McKinsey or having a job at McDonalds. What is more crucial is: are you really showing up, relentlessly, every day with the same gusto and energy?

Whether you are an aspiring novelist or a house keeper, is your success manifesto about being popular or authentic and persistent?

Again: Irrespective of how your job is treating you, are you pivoting your skills set accurately based on the need of the hour?

Are you in the grind, and not complaining still?

You know you have to get the job done, whether you like it or not, are you set for such a challenge, every day?

Michael Bloomberg values drive and hard work more than any academic achievements. And I would go on to add that sometimes even your past is not an ‘accurate anchor’ or a set precedent for your future. What one should look at, if he/ she really wants to succeed, is in the drive and the hunger for success – and more. No matter what manifestation success takes, it is the consistency and the willingness to learn that trumps even the most brainy or intelligent veterans in your industry.

Don’t cringe when you are criticized, create when you have nothing – it is then, when people consider you genuine and someone who wants to make a difference.

When you choose to never stop learning, you open new vistas to your ever inquiring mind that only utters ‘why’ in every situation. By being a student and a spectator of your life, your outlook thrives in every context – good or bad.

Think about it: has anything been worse than your own creators when they cease to exist or even the fear of losing them, for that matter?

Then what scares you?

It is just your thinking, which to a lot of extent is just thinking. When you actually start doing the thinking in your mind is when you make progress. Real progress.

The word ‘mortality’ gets the best of all of us: for us to create magic in this short life, which is short-lived yet long lasting in its intensity (depending upon how much fuel we out into our flame of desires).

You can elevate the value of your brand by following this man’s brutal but brilliant advice: that only speaks of tenacity and hard work to succeed.

What tips are you following to succeed like no other?

What advice rings true with you?