Dear all, this month I almost complete 4 years of blogging.

I personally thank everyone who has inspired me along the way to put my words into creating something meaningful (it was at least meaningful for me).

There were times when I got an idea for my blog when I was in a shower and sometimes when I am on my way back during my commute from office. Sometimes, sheer ironies and ‘fundamental complexities’ helped me capture what personal branding can address (in a philosophical and a transcendental way).

But I also think about redemption: moments when I just wanted to be with myself – still, striving-for-calming-settle, and some me-time for thinking through of what worked and didn’t quite work as per my own scale of manifestations.

There were also times when I just wanted to come out of my little head and think like a superhuman – someone who is unapologetically bold yet sincere in purpose and intention, think for the real good and inject every view with selflessness and kindness.

But it takes immense courage and hustling to be the real you when the world wants you to flex and bow and pace and comply with its never-ending expectations and demands.

So I between this twisting tryst with myself, I found my voice, which I can intelligently meander with, and try and create some logic or perhaps some understandable sense for people I meet or have a conversation with.

And that’s why I thank those trying times, those painful encounters and also some beautiful moments with my loved ones – all that have shaped my thinking and writing over these years.

On that note, I urge you to sometimes be knocked down, be broken, cry a little – but in those tears and sorrow and joy, just gather how much stronger you are than you think and can imagine in your wildest of dreams.

That said, don’t forget to love yourself – you have come a long way in your mortality project (sounds a bit abrupt, but that’s ok) called life. This Christmas, congratulate yourself for breathing in some good air of positivity, and sip some lovely cocoa (I love hot chocolate especially at this time of the year) and do some meditation. Let go of what isn’t ‘in’ you anymore and welcome a beautiful future that comes seeping into your warmth that will soak you in a cozy, nestled, beautiful present.

Wishing all my lovely readers and kind critiques a merry Christmas and have a blissful new year!

With love,