February always implicitly reminds us of blooming, warm times. The fragrance of winterish-passing flowers; a fuzzy view of what’s not so far behind; a promise of restored love; and to revel in the beauty of what nature has in store for us.

Admittedly, every month has its own divine theme, sensorial experience, and new worldviews for you and me.

So why not grace the grandeur of February with a more memorable brand romance?

I personally think the world needs more love, more hearts, and more compassion.

Why compassion? Because we need to step up to help each other than just feeling how we feel. When empathy is accompanied by a desire to help, yes, you’re compassionate.

Feeling fuels action, for brands alike.

Embodying compassion as a connective tissue that binds you and your content consistently on the Web can help you reach and engage with diverse people, globally.

But how to converse with compassion?

Ask to help for help. 

Simply ask your audience/ customers how can you help them grow? Or what questions do they have for which they don’t find thorough answers? It could be an ‘AMA’ (Ask Me Anything) series; a free workshop for your lovely customers and brand partners; an ebook that you think is addressing the key challenges faced by your customers; or a free consultation before your park the budgets to embark on a new business association. With compassion, your candor is underpinned with an honest intention to help, not to denigrate.

While Valentine’s Day is a day in a calendar when you feel more loved and loveable; you can make this day a consistent ritual to embrace your audience more warmly and acceptingly.

Valentine your brand by creating content that fundamentally addresses the vulnerabilities of your audience. That way, you are practicing compassion in your culture, customer conversations, and community-building that exudes love.

Plus, compassion goes beyond competing with other brands and forming a community that creates. We need more creators and culminations that are only possible when we have a desire to help each other.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

Here’s to more compassion and love for your brand!

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash