Happy Mother's Day

12th May is a blissful day – because It is Mother’s Day.

I would, in my deepest voice, echo that having your mother with you is the ultimate support you can have for infiniteness of your life – and beyond.

Life is beautiful when she is with you – in your blues, shallows, happiness and unpleasant times. (Talk about the wideness of the emotional support you receive unconditionally when you are with your mother.)

All of my writing is dedicated to her – I find her my process and destination; my passion and bliss. She is my rudder who steers me from a sinking ship to a victorious rocketship of resilience and indefatigability.

There’s no life education as complex and challenging to learn and apply than being a student of your mother.

While you former education can grant you a nice job and financial settlement over a period of time; but to navigate the crests and troughs of life, your mother gifts you the wisdom from the echo of her life experiences.

So let’s be grateful to our mother.

Let’s learn the versatility and integrity from her. 

Let’s learn how deep her perspective is about life.

Let’s learn to love without expecting.

Learn to be stable like a rock in difficult times!

Hug her. Kiss her. Love her. 

Remember: she is your rudder! (Love this part – being a rudder – where I first learnt about it from Jennifer Wiget in one of her series.)

Photo by Ijaz Rafi on Unsplash