I have one great announcement to make! – I am launching my ebook with an overhaul in the coming week. It is called Your Brand Booster Manual – 8 Essentials To Personal Branding Success.

I have compiled me decade of experience of reading and writing and marketing to help serve you better in building your personal brand.

One of my biggest inspiration is Justin Welsh. After reading his posts and going through his work, I’ve made me own transition to meaningful solopreneurship.

While I may not be that prominent on social media, but slowly and steadily I am sharing my work – one post a time so I could find my haven on this World Wide Web!

My only advice to you? Don’t give up on your writing – you will find you tribe when your natural expression find its resonance with your audience’s hearts.

Believe in your believers – go for genuine, authentic and loyal evangelists who trust you and your work instead of amassing thousands of followers who just don’t pay heed to your emotions and purpose behind your writing.

There is always a second chance to make the first one count!

Stay tuned!

Image by Hassan Ali Khalid from Pixabay