Photo by Mike Erskine on Unsplash
Amid this global pandemic, it can get difficult to think through on your business front. After all, health is first.
But this crisis also affirms that when we all convene our new normal work lives, we are all in it together.
We can work on building a future that is safer, empowering and purpose-driven.
Possibly, such crests and troughs unleash the power of human spirit and what it can do it eradicate this epidemic.
Worldwide, people are becoming more grateful for their existence and appreciative of our frontline champions who are fighting this epidemic on a daily basis, just for us, for our health and wellbeing.
We are all connected to each other, in some way unbeknownst to us.
So here a few ways we can help each other and keep this fire of optimism burning:
  1. Discipline. Both creative and [regimental ] discipline can help you be socially distant yet personally connected in blurry ways. Working from home can feel a bit gloomy sometimes. But now while you’re at it, you can exercise more control on your time and compartmentalise it in a way so that your personal and professional matters are tended to. Actually, you have more time; value a bit of abundance, you can get more work done and  – bam! -feel great after that!
  2. Emotional connection. Back up your loved ones and even your work peers. We all need each other more than ever. Call them; tweet your heart (it reaches out to people who didn’t even expect to be connected with); take out some tea time and just think about your spouse, lover, parent who you value and cherish so much with each passing day.
  3. Gratitude. Be grateful for your breaths, believe that nature is always there to endow your with possibilities that are just made for you to explore and embark upon.
  4. Learn and share. Yes! – you have more time to listen to your lovely podcasts and webinars, which could never find space in your calendar a few weeks before. Now is the time to sharpen that saw to learn, unlearn and relearn via collaborative learning experiences. Like that LinkedIn post? Personally write to that person and acknowledge: life is too short to go amiss. Seize the moment to share what you feel.
  5. Accept mundaneness with grace. Things you never checked off from your routine personal chores? Well now is the time to really finish them and create more whitespaces for new, evolutionary work. Perhaps start your online book club where you’d recommend new books you’d like to discuss with your peers? Or participate in a virtual meetup with known, beautiful strangers to kick-off your work so you don’t feel lonely.
Value the moment. Value your life. Value yourself.
Together, we are stronger and more consummate than we think.
Believe in us.