Photo by David Iskander on Unsplash

We are all in for a ‘reset’ in the post-pandemic world – and I mean it with optimism.

Come to think of remote working, online meetings and our blended personal and professional work – we are all somehow acclimating to this new kind of normal.

And while the pandemic stress and fear does hover on us, we are emerging as stronger humans in this process.

The scarce feeling of optimism in these difficult times is affirming us of what a beautiful word it is – and how, when applied to our daily conversations, it can make us feel alive and young and courageous.

So, as we envisage a new, bold future, here is what my intuition suggests about how your brand will not just sustain but also thrive going forward.

Being more human, with human. Have more empathy and compassion for your peers, coworkers and customers. The future is getting redefined by how you are delivering on your customer experience, today. Your customer ecosystem includes anyone who is consuming your thoughts, messages and employing your services. These customers are expecting to be listened to and emotionally understood so you can communicate their values and brand narrative in their work journeys. Value their business and thank them for their presence on your Website as a grateful customer. Don’t be reactive to their business needs; be proactive to optimise some unchartered whitespaces, which together you both could partner and foray into. This collaboration only happens when you dig deeper into their challenges and emotional messages.

Reinforce on your purpose. People will always be more inclined to brands that are generous and have a strong mission to support their collective business goals. While profits pay your bills and salaries, you purpose urges your people to stay longer and more involved with a sense of meaning tied to their contributions. A purpose-driven brand thrives in longevity and is undeterred in volatile business conditions, and at the same time adaptive to new challenges and pivots.

Inclusion. When you see how our frontline champions are battling with this unprecedented crisis, you have deep respect and honour for their services and relentless commitment. This teaches us to always respect a leader – even without a title. Inclusion is not just racial or based on demographic; it is implicitly welcoming contrarian perspectives or opinions that can help you come up with the most qualified consensus and great people outcomes.

Embrace the virtual space and welcome beautiful strangers. Thinking of hackathons or bootcamps? Go virtual and invite people to be a part of your online seminars/ workshops/ webinars/ live chats. Invite your ex-colleagues, coworkers and potential customers to join on coming together as an ‘army of one’ to discuss the new normal/ post-pandemic business scenarios relevant to your industry or niche. This builds thought leadership as well as strengthens your bond with your community.

How are you preparing for the new world of work?