Voice your brand

Now the obvious question is, do I really have what it takes to be a successful brand? This question is a bit skewed toward the millennials (as I associate with this bunch more than anything else). Not that I am sidelining the baby boomers – but most of us are left a bit inexplicable when we don’t have what it takes to communicate what we can offer to the world.

Partly I assuage myself with a lot of self-help books that narrate the essence of having a personal brand and having your own personal, fresh and original voice that is not a cacophony but your own beautiful symphony of what you are.

But the real skill lies on conveying what you stand for – and then Stand Out as how Dorie Clark states in her book Stand Out.

The real challenge lies in picking up the pieces of your story and tying it strongly with a chord of purpose, passion, and persistence.

So when you feel that you are in a strange sticky wicket, do these 3 things and thrive the way you want to.

  • Let your thinking do the talking. Sometimes all you really need to do is let your own muse flow. You can start your musings via your social media handle. I personally feel Twitter helps you connect with people who – if not think the way you do – but understand what inspires you to share content with them. Take some good time out to just reflect on what your purpose is to share with people: that instantly binds them with your muse and story.
  • Start your own podcast or conduct informational interviews. When you feel at crossroads, the best way to connect and communicate with others is to conduct 35-40 minute informational interviews with them to understand how you can mutually work together or collaborate on potential future business opportunities. At best, you at least took the initiative to connect with people in your circle and made a good networking haven. Alternately, you can start your own podcast and have an insightful conversation with them regarding their career journey – you never know what business or career avenues open when you start making new connections – which, of course, transpire as win-win!
  • Follow and read about the top influencers and industry. Now this is a bit of a slow burn, but this is what will take you to have a deep understanding of your industry. The only way to convey your merit or substance is by learning more and building on it like a compound interest. After all, who wouldn’t want to connect with a person who is extremely well-read and duly informed about the industry?

So voicing your merit – is it really that tough?

Yes and no: it all depends on your approach and the way you communicate with people.

But the most important way to really speak up is to be an agile learner – all the time! That way, you know the set context and you can chip in with your unique voice.