On a personal level, I feel I have failed more and hence have delivered more.
Yes, this statement is written in full congruency – the fact that the two can exist together: failure and meaningful work.
2021, for me, has shown me the zing of life even when It was stark – sometimes jaded – dark.
I quit my corporate job – it paid me pretty decently enough to pay my bills and live a reasonably comfortable life. In hindsight, though, this is the best decision I took.
I did feel out of a financial cushion – to start my freelance, unexpected, tumultuous freelance journey – where you just don’t know when you’ll be paid next. But my chair, my meditation practice, my tea/ occasional coffee, and a purposeful mind rescued me from these contingencies. 
I love to write for you all – my light, my love, and my ultimate support community. You’ve brought the best out of me and taught me things in an implicit way of accepting me for who I am – thank you.
So why did I want to write about intelligent failures?
Let me let you in on a radically candid secret that sits in our minds: we all know the word failure can bring us some form of unpleasantness, a lack thereof, or our limited mindset to understand why we don’t always get things that we ardently desire.
But let’s go deeper: failure is not your lack of ability to cope up with things, it is about letting your vulnerabilities shine in every incremental step towards your life goals. And while we are in transit, we are only getting better – and more grounded in our most amazing self. 
Failure strengthens your internal pharmacy to prepare you for an uncertain future. It molds you, makes you more adaptive, more human, and more accepting of yourself and others.
To also let you all know, I wrote an ebook called Your Brand Booster Manual: 8 Essentials To Personal Branding Success. But I didn’t market it or try to sell it. I just wrote because I wish to help people who have always wanted to learn about what it is to simply say things with confidence. Better connoted as your voice, that, as an undercurrent, speaks louder than any promotional hack you may wish to apply. Sometimes, failing intelligently is to leave things unsaid, after you’ve said enough.
So if you always wished to open your own book shop, or your dream marketing agency; or wanted to do something but were always scared about what would people think – regardless, just go ahead and still do it anyway.
Don’t let your fear sabotage what you can create. There’s a great saying: Every act of creativity brings you closer to divinity. Your purpose in life is actually higher than you’d always envisioned. And creation is the best form of therapy, cure, and bliss combined!
Creation is often the result of inspirational, intelligent failures.
So next time you greet failures, learn from them, see the good in it, and then let go of anything that doesn’t seem relevant to you. But along the way, try and determine a pattern to see if there’s anything you should do better to create for the world.
Here’s to 2022 that beckons us to our most meaningful work.
Sending love and light to all! Let the muse flow.

P.S: If you would like to pick your copy of my ebook – yes, here I say it: your Starbucks coffee/ your cup of jawa can have a great companion 🙂

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash