Let me answer that for you: yes.

I understand that scenario when you have to make that important call to you prospect for the much awaited next step. And you are restive, naturally. You feel panicked and hurried yet trying your best to calm yourself as things won’t change until you make that smart, balanced, and a coherent move.

But let me tell you, your gut can do a lot of magic when blended with your intuitive power for carving a base for that important call.

Your hunch reflects your inner compass – your 360 degree evaluation of the situation. And when you use it wisely, you can actually back it up with realistic and pragmatic words via correct intonation in your words delivery and using emotive expressions that articulate exactly how you feel in that particular situation.

Your gut propels you to believe in what you know – even if it is not ‘all’ right in context of the situation. (Which is perfectly fine, there is no set in stone formula for every call to convert; you just need to find that emotional connect – and that’s where your hunch plays a pivotal role.)

Your hunch helps you to over-correct your situation internally, which creates a middle ground for you to feel and express your thoughts in a lucid manner. You end up rationalizing every aspect of the plan of action for that call – even if it is as simple as landing a meeting with that prospect. The good thing is: the more prepared you are with your inner intuitive compass that guides you to speak those selective sentences on that call, the more definitive you will sound. The ‘awful ambivalence’ that makes your fearful to even move a step forward just because you are happy with whatever progress you have made on that prospect, never lets you inch forward with that sale. While this seems normal to adore your status quo, you gut or hunch helps you make a ‘predictable positive outlook’ toward that sale.

And that is why your hunched intuition saves you most of the time when your rationalizations seem not-so-promising.

But most of us don’t quite sense that we have a strong hunch backing us up in our decision making ability in business and sales. So how do we realize that we have one?

The good news is: hunches can be developed via constantly flexing your reflection and introspection muscle. Creating time to think, feel and reflect post every call (though initially it will take you some time) will make you more ‘sales conscientious’ in your next call. You will invariably know what works and what doesn’t while you are communicating with your prospect.

Once you start evaluating your call, and fundamentally getting your prospect, you will feel that inner connect with your inner central voice that will start to say: This works! And over a period of time, with every call you make you start preparing a list of many ‘This Works!’ results, your hunches will start to serve as a blueprint for developing and nurturing successful relationships. (Though, of course, you’d still have to work in tweaking your call based on the prospect, but, more or less, you will sound prepared when you use your gut along with your strategic mind.)

What’s even better is when you practice hunched decisions, your brain starts finding those patterns in every call that will convert your conversations into conversions.

So start reflecting more; listen to your inner voice; use you mind in analysing your hunch – and put your hunch to use in your next call!

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic at FreeDigitalPhotos.net