Yes, I know a lot of you maybe thinking like, “really”? Most of us just bleed to be what we want to be by first pretending it and slowly manifesting into those characteristics.


Not quite.

Just work hard.

And be likable and approachable as a person – such that people want to be associated with you. Find your personal attributes that people resonate with or connect with and create a halo effect of those attributes such that you become a perfect embodiment of those bundled characteristics that truly define you. As Sarah Green, the senior editor of Harvard Business Review wrote, people, do not value confidence until it is accompanied by competence.

So start working hard on building your core knowledge of your niche and see some surplus of confidence emanating from your competence!

First be an understatement of what you are and gradually becoming a compelling statement of who you are.

Your personal brand should always strive for north with constant updation when it comes to learning to be what you want to be.

Straddle well between the person you are and what you want to be and keep working on your craft until you don’t need to give an introduction.

Go be great!