As professionals, our work is demanding.

Because of which, stress takes a toll on our health.

Our nervous system can only take so much. Beyond which, we feel overwhelmed, exhausted and depleted.

Especially when we are launching our personal holding company, we need to shape our narrative over a period of time. And, sometimes, this narrative doesn’t reflect our vulnerabilities and intelligent failures.

Parts of our story never comes to surface, and we feel we are not being true to ourselves, our values, our work and life principles, and our honest hunch.

So when we we speak our truth as founders or owners or professionals, we implicitly invite our audience to connect with us on levels that help them resonate with us.

But the question is how?

Here are 3 ways in which you can be in a mutual emotional admission with your audience.

  1. Feel your feelings, and take inspiration from the source energy. Since my Ziva Meditation practice of more than 3 years as I write this, I have realised the importance of feeling your emotions by accepting them and processing them in my own pace. This emotional processing helps me know my whole self and accept myself for what is divinely sourced for me. Once you see yourself from a vantage point, you understand the process of becoming. This is when you start writing about your personal story, mission and cause with emotional wisdom and courage.
  2. Understand that your audience is also vulnerable at some point. As the saying goes, ‘What’s most personal is most general’ holds true for every individual. In Amy Edmondson’s view ‘The more honest we are, the more we realise how much we have in common. Vulnerability isn a strength’. So, look for the emotional underpinners your audience feels by learning about their values, interests, and philosophies in general, and you have the common gravitas that keeps you connected with them. The language of vulnerability urges us to seek emotional comfort by being emotionally expressive and honest about who we are.
  3. Purify your physiology with a writing expression unique to you. Writing your thoughts and aspirations and upheavals gives an emotional restoration you can’t express otherwise. Whether it is writing a newsletter [the latter one reinforced in the word: ie – letter] which is a personal expression of what you think and learn, or it is writing your journal which you’d like your audience to also read, or having your own self-therapy blog (be it on any topic that excites you), purges you on a mental and physical level. Writing is a catharsis – of your emotional tendencies and peculiarities.

Be true to your personal expression – and see the magic happen.

Photo by S&B Vonlanthen on Unsplash