Counterintuitive, it sounds?

Not really. It’s just on the face value, I urge you to go deeper and think through.

When your surround sound of different storytellers forge their narrative with their own love spice, you can, too, bring your A game to your brand and business.

So why loving yourself is the most selfless thing you can do?

Let’s just relay back a bit – have you heard this beautiful quote by Ziva Meditation, ‘As you heal yourself, you heal the collective?’ It’s actually true even in the business context. When you pour love into every nook and cranny of your brand’s existence, your audience is effortlessly drawn and captivated by this beautiful move.

Even when you least expect, you feel you are loved ;’the way you are’. You see, genuineness is is always the long-term impression; and tooting your horn with some imposter syndrome doesn’t last long. 

To love is to be the most amazing version of you. When you make loving a sort of heartbeat of your business, above all the other so called business cliche and strategies, you land up amassing way more credibility and even business in this process.

Every part of your brand content creation exudes with love. Every customer conversation lasts longer because you care. Every email that you write is solidly backed by an intention to truly be a pillar of support. And may I also enlighten you, that loving gives you longevity in every aspect of your life, let alone building a brand?

And what’s more? You sleep better. You wake up more rested.

So love and look forward to the freshness your story communicates; instead of selfishly intending to be loved just because you say you do.

And, in hindsight, this is the most selfless thing to do. Because you give a loving proof to your audience: that you care for them and love them the way they are. In return, they bless you with more influence and prudence to give them this gift every time they read your content.

Isn’t this the best personal brand love bomb (as how my Ziva meditation teacher Emily Fletcher says?)

Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash