Gratitude can do miracles. I mean that literally – for real.

This year has almost gone by – and we all have arrived into this new, glimmering 2021 as it welcomes us in a few weeks.

My personal thanks to all the frontline champions and warriors and survivors for making it through this unprecedented time.

Not to say that things are all A-OK, but we can all be grateful for the lessons and teachings this year has imparted us with.

When you thank every experience of your life and business for helping you arrive in this moment, in this new now, you will feel the ultimate bliss of presence, fulfilment and gratitude for how far you’ve come.

On a personal note, with my daily meditation practice, I’ve been able to resonate with every being on this planet. And I thank more and feel more grateful and grounded in the present.

As for you, it’s time say ‘thank you’ for your being, for being alive, now.

You are your brand – your soul. Assuringly, this year would have taught you the most about building your personal brand than ever before. With uncertain job scenarios presently and how people are surviving on the career front can also encourage you to launch your brand online through quality and empathic content creation.

Always remember your values – those seeds of which stem from your deepest source of existence and purpose.

People feel gratified when they get to know and understand your values – that’s when they thank you for being you, unchanged and unaltered by unpleasant occurrences.

Be kind and compassionate with everyone. Believe that when you feel grateful and thankful for all that you have already, you can work forward from a place of optimism and contentment. Not to forget, you become more productive and intentional with your communication.

So here are a few of my ways of saying ’thank you’ more often and with love:

  1. Enjoyed my morning meditation. Thank you, Mother Nature.
  2. Relished my ginger tea. Thank you to the most amazing person in my life – my soul – my mother.
  3. Read a few pages of Trailblazers (currently reading this cool book). Thank you, my lovely mini-library at home, that never fails to remind me of how little I know.
  4. My weekly blog ideas for this little space where I speak to you. Thank you to my blog for always inspiring to get to my chair and write a post that I hope you’ll like.
  5. My late afternoon meditation. Thank you, Emily Fletcher, Founder of Ziva Meditation, who is such an inspiring meditation teacher and my guiding light.
  6. The presence of my family. That’s all you need more than ever! Thank you for making me a part of such a beautiful and loving family. I miss my grandmother, and she’s always there with me with her blessings and care. So, thank you to my family.

Welcome 2021 with grace.

More power to all of you to have made it this far!

Photo by Courtney Hedger on Unsplash