There has never been a better time to find what you love and do it mono-maniacally every single day and get better at it than now.  Quitting your day job won’t always be ideal to explore your passion, but sometimes, you need to make your tough call: of whether your job really matters or not.

I have personally tried and tested many waters before finding my calling to truly connect with people through my work – where I take the onus for my responsibilities.

Sometimes I assuage myself of the fact that there are many who have experienced many career territories before finding out their path-breaking avenue. Just think about it: how many times you feel knocked down by professional chaos when all you are doing is some kind of transactional work – work that doesn’t have meaning? Though, of course, some of you might think this is going somewhere else, but the truth is: where is meaning, purpose, a ‘Why’ to my assignment? Why when every single morning you wake up, though you feel groggy naturally, but it tends to linger on for the whole day?

So let’s examine some reasons why you should start your entrepreneurial journey without waiting for anyone to give their go-ahead.

You are not reaching your highest potential.

No, it doesn’t mean every job is mediocre, but deep down inside you are feeling you want to do something that connects you to your highest potential at work. You feel tried and tested – and yet not achieved and experienced that eureka moment when you want to open a bottle of champaigne and just rejoice.

You know that every job is temporary.

Many of us revel in the fact that being in a job is an evergreen security to a resplendent paycheck at the end of the month. But most of don’t know that jobs are just jobs until they become a fulfilling career – that for some is true and for some, not so. J.T.O’Donnell from Careerealism excellently puts this phrase in a way where we realize that finding what you love is important to stick to work – and most of us discover that when we are on our own.

Personal development is not complementing the job you are into.

Ever felt that it’s time you deliberately carve out some time to invest in yourself via learning what’s new in books, audio books. Videos, Ted Talks – some kind of mini personal MBA before you get into any kind of role? Sometimes we take a job, continue for some time but feel we have reached a plateau, which never seems to take off. And when we land up investing in ourselves we don’t think we want to work on someone else’s payroll – simply because, we are good enough to feed ourselves. Though this may differ from a person to person, but personal development makes you more conscientious about what you really want versus what you don’t in that given context.

You are a self-starter with plenty of initiative.

You really, really want to make it big. Like really big. And you know that you have enthusiasm and initiative to take it forward. For the similar reasons, you might feel choked in your day job – one that doesn’t fill your quench for taking reins and being unstoppable. Even though a lot of jobs promise this requirement from a job candidate, but if you really want to be exercising your full energy, you are better off starting something of your own.

Because failures don’t scare you. They are opportunities in disguise.

Enthusiasm is stepping from one failure to another without losing your sanity (this is kind of tinkered by me, but you get the point). You are cut out for entrepreneurship when you know that failures are deep, enriching experiences that teach you more about success instead of impeding your progress with soul-crushing negativity and voices that gnaw you down.

Well, we can keep adding more reasons, but the point is: don’t wait for anyone’s approval or a green signal to get started with your dream business.

Just get started, now!