When you are inundated with a constant stream of job rejections by your prospective employers, even though you try to take out the emotion out of it, you start to slowly feel devastated.

The reasons for receiving rejections could many – from being unemployed for a long time, frequent job switches, no prior experience, scattered or a disjointed resume, or lack of skills and competencies for the role you are applying for – but the good news is that you are not alone.

We all are in some ways victims of painful rejections – be it personally or professionally. The real skill lies in how we handle these situations.

So here are 5 powerful ways to deal with this painful word.

  • Ask for feedback. Instead of festering over with your past, focus on what worked with the prospective employer and what didn’t. Call back the employer and ask for their candid feedback. Even if they don’t have the time, request them to spend at least 5 minutes and flesh out your candidature’s shortcomings. That way, you can incorporate their suggestions into your next job applications.
  • Monetize the No’s. A lot of us just hear the dreaded word ‘no’ and do nothing about it. The best way to turnaround the situation would be to find out how you can work on the no’s and parlay them into a lucrative career for yourself. For example, if a hiring manager told you that you are not good with business writing or writing great content, you can start participating in freelancing opportunities and pick up small writing gigs to showcase your competencies to the next employer. The goal is not to give up – and convert your painful ‘no’s’ into a resounding yes!
  • Have a backup plan. While it is ambitious to nail down on your dream job, but if something doesn’t work out in your favor? It is always wise to think of a mental cushion that you can lean on when you don’t get what you desire. So constantly keep your networking on even of you are in the process of getting your new job.
  • Be fairly positive. It is disappointing when you are not able to cut through the job search competition, which only seems to get tougher with the way recruiters are hiring candidates. But what can differentiate you from other candidates would be your passion and positive attitude. Sometimes recruiters are looking for just this!
  • Broaden your career horizons. While it is good to narrow your search for jobs in the field that you think you are quite competent at, but not always will you get the success that you innately desire. Oxymoron? Well, maybe. But the point is that sometimes it is advisable to spread a little wider in the jobs’ bucket list that you have created for yourself. The chances are, the recruiters will find you more approachable and flexible to adjust your talent with a role that may not be completely in the field that you operate in, but your will find relatable, peripheral jobs that will suit your skills.

Keep your job hunting on, irrespective of the number of rejections you receive. Essentially, that is the trademark of a truly determined and an unflappable candidate!