Autopilot generosity in your daily actions.

Whether you are delivering a keynote or presenting your sales projections to your management – always strive to make your audience feel better after they have met you or consulted you.

And then all those implicit sales you have to make – well, it just gets closer to conversions.


Because you genuinely care about the outcome of the conversation – with a solution-approach in your thought process.

People love being cared for – in business as well.

Then why not make optimism and kindness as an integral part of your cultural DNA – which you offer to your entire ecosystem, with zero expectations?

The best part about exercising generosity is that you by default work on the abundance mode; instead of tilting for transactional business deals/ conversations that just slip through the cracks over a period of time.

Sure, work for a business with a growth mindset, but it’s important to also understand that every lucrative or fancy business proposition that you offer to your customer/ client is eventually deduced by emotions and then logically processed to come up with a mutually beneficial business association.

So, embed generosity into your every conversation – even a smile – it goes long way in solidifying trust with people.

With time, generosity positively seeps into your company’s culture – which also reflects in your brand’s persona, purpose, and values.

Even the director of first impressions – the woman who wears a warm smile on a rather dull day – would fill your gaze with positivity and generosity with her demeanor and grace.

Now isn’t that an opening door to nurturing yourself with people who think and work like you?

Try it!

It doesn’t cost a dime and only pays you with better employee engagement, customer retention, and overall company’s wellbeing.

Value generosity – and it will value you back, in subtle ways you would have never imagined before.

Over to you.

How is your brand’s generosity quotient? Good, healthy, or somewhere in between?

And what steps are you taking to strengthen a ‘giving’ and ‘nurturing’ mindset in your company?

While we work on being more generous to others and ourselves, here’s giving big love to all of you from Let The Muse Flow!