Sounds elusive? Not quite.

How many of us can actually see through a new business pitch and gauge that the potential client might buy into our solution?

Well, of course, you’d have to fundamentally prepare for your presentation, get the stakes right and understand your audience from the core. But the real metric to develop a sound business intuition has a much wider and deeper meaning: to have a habit of listening and observing tenaciously.

That’s how you start to connect different communication (verbal, nonverbal) touch points and weave it into a compelling pitch, talk, proposition for your buyers/ customer/ customers.

When you start reading wide and vast, your business intuition, aka your hunches become more directional and factually correct.

While you may still fumble over some nuances of developing business intuition – as it takes a lot of practice to listen to what different people say about a particular topic. But, over a period of time, you would have emerged as a voice that people would love to hear – as it has weight and substance and perspective.

Sometimes you’d pick up your phone and make a cold-call and before you even listen to the other side, you have a business case ready to communicate over the course of subsequent business meetings.

Chances are, you are already aware of what your clients want when you figure out the underlying pattern of their needs and aspirations, which your clients need so badly.

And that’s the power of familiarizing yourself with your clients’ needs or what your business needs – to grow, pivot, accelerate – via learning through books, interviews, online resources, and podcasts.

The good news is, intuition is a like a muscle. The more you flex it, the sharper and agile it becomes.

You don’t need to be an industry veteran to develop business intuition. You can learn more others’ success stories, failure stories, and stories in which people persisted and saw a pattern of steady growth.

Become a sponge: learn, absorb, inculcate and practice.

So take a step back and pay heed to what your inner voice – that is emotionally digested and factually deduced – has to say when you flounder, or when you simply need a direction.

Rest assured, you will always find solutions to maneuver your way through your business – and life.

How are you strengthening your business intuition?