Building a promising personal brand is not a hyped, one-time effort. It takes achingly long hours of hard work and diligence with bouts and bouts of patience.

Not that I say I have been successful, but I have completed 3 years of consistent blogging that has helped me, if nothing else, get noticed in my ecosystem.

So, yes, it’s all about the grind. While ‘hustle’ has been used way many times as a staple word for hard work, I personally believe it’s about focus and patience tied together that gives the best results.

It’s always better to be a marathoner instead of a sprinter when it comes to building thought leadership for your brand. And it’s not about age or experience that defines your ‘pacing’ up with success; it’s about being self-aware and figuring out your ‘Why’ better than any book or illustration that you read or observe.

When you figure out your ‘Why’ the ‘how’ becomes simpler to achieve your ‘What’.

Your ‘Why’ can be as personal as it can get, but when parlayed into your work will help you reach your goals faster, and with purpose.

As mentioned in the book, The Power Of Little Ideas, by David Robertson with Kent Lineback. I noted how little ideas can spark and redefine the otherwise-revolutionary meaning of innovation in business and marketing. And while your ‘Why’ will not radically change, but you will keep adding complementary reasons to further strengthen your purpose for achieving your business and personal branding goals.

When your patience is at play, you won’t be swayed by momentary success or a halting failure; you will control the process meticulously because of your staunch faith in your ‘Why.’

So, have patience and keep chiseling your ‘Why’ – rest assured, you will sustain.