Of late, I was going through my LinkedIn feed and read a post from one of the employees of a company. She was talking about her tryst with entrepreneurship. She started her company in all good faith and hope that her ecosystem would help her ‘win’ with her new role. But much to her dismay, she found that while what she read about successful female entrepreneurs is such an already accomplished feeling, she was left with a rough path of barely succumbing to it. She felt a sense of failure.

Sometimes, what we read on the surface may not be exactly practical. Especially, when you see a growing community of new age entrepreneurs – some receiving funding – and some bootstrapping their new hatched venture, you find it a rosy view.

Truth is, it is not for everyone. Being an entrepreneur is more about a sense of feeling and outlook to be one, instead of faking it to get there just because the buzz or an upbeat article says so.

But you know about the good news?

That employee is today one of the most rewarded person in the company she works for. Because she loves what she does, and she is happy to contribute her skills and bring value to the company in her own professional way.

In fact, it’s all about your worldview – the way you see the world. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to be a risk-taker or be ambitious enough to make a fortune.

You can still keep stretching your comfort zone, once you start building confidence in what you are great at. And the result would come your way – in terms of more money, respect and success. Sometimes, entrepreneurship just happens to you, but in a good way!

I’d rather put it this way: you are where you imagination can take you. So don’t feel a sense of dissonance if you don’t think you can be an entrepreneur. You strengths of feeling like being an entrepreneur can work in your job – ‘building on your area of expertise’ and growing the organization as an intrapreneur.

Build you dreams (whether there is an entrepreneur there or not) – and you are an entrepreneur of your career and life. After all, the attributes that define an entrepreneur can still shape you to make your decisions boldly and create the life of your dreams: one that you are longing for!

How are your designing your career and life?

Is there an entrepreneur in you that is helping your shine in your ‘intraprenuerial’ job?