What you read is who you are. Have you ever wondered why you sometimes feel stalled in your career – for reasons you apparently feel are irrelevant. But let me tell you, you are perhaps stalled because you are not keeping pace of your industry’s news, information, and overall business and personal development.

In today’s hyper connected world where information is flowing from every nook and cranny of the world, it is imperative to read and read a lot to be on top of your industry news. But most of us, or so I feel, are pretty darn lazy to intellectually be stimulated and keep a certain element of constancy in reading books. Please note: I mentioned books. Why? Because we all are skimming content on the internet and not absorbing and assimilating them properly. So if you feel you want to give a spellbound speech or write a book or simply start your own blog, here are three ways  being a voracious reader can give you that ultimate kick-start to your upward career trajectory.

  1. Set a reading ritual. Grab a herbal tea or maybe your favorite Starbuck’s coffee caramel with some scented candles at your home desk and crack open a book. Set a theme for your reading ritual. It is rightly said; reading quenches your mind’s curiosity pops and satiates your soul – in ways you cannot imagine. So just like you get up in the morning and go for a run or a brisk walk, the same way schedule at least 1 hour daily – be it in the night or in the morning or perhaps in early noon to read a book and revel in it. That way, just imagine if you even read I book in your field every week, you will master at least 4 books in one month and multiply it with 12 months; you are on your way to be a PHD after reading 48 books! Now don’t you think this gradual multiplier effect will make you an expert in your job? I bet yes!
  1. Network and engage. Once you start reading more and more books, you get into the readers’ zone or readers’ circle. This alone can help you connect with like-minded professionals in your industry and understand their business challenges in more depth than you could possibly do via just skimming online and having a high level view of the relevant information. We all are selling in some form or the other, so just imagine when you cold e-mail someone from some corner of the world, you will be able to connect and engage from the get-go if you read more about your favorite writers or industry experts! Don’t be surprised if you start you own networking business and eventually start to set off with some amazing speaking gigs – all because you care to read and understand and become more intuitive with your business and career goals.
  1. Personal branding and development. Don’t just stop with non-fiction or your industry specific e-books and paperbacks; read fiction and books that spark your creativity. That way, you build your own personal voice in this hustling and effervescent business we are in today. Once you start voicing in your opinions and perspective about a certain topic you are passionate about, not only your current company and colleagues would notice it, but also the entire business community will start to consider you more noticeable and engaging. Start guest blogging on your favorite news circles in your niche and just see the business and personal impact it will have on your brand!

And besides the above reasons, via reading you constantly work your mind’s muscles, which keeps you alert, curious, and to some extent explore a genius in you so that you are on your way to be being unstoppable in your quest for excellence!

Happy reading!

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