What’s your vision?

Yes, you hear me right – what’s your vision? I was of late listening to a webinar by Eben Pagan and he mentioned that the most important question today that top executives want to answer – and enjoying answering is – what’s your vision?

A lot of sales professionals – sometimes even I – land up ranting about the product or service, which we are so passionate about. And with time, I understood that people don’t buy products; people don’t even buy solutions; people live in experience, where they eventually revel. Oren Klaff, the author of Pitch Anything rightly articulated in his book and in his seminars: that money is just a tool for prospects to realize their vision. They hardly care about how good your product or service is; they only care about how ‘you’ can create a sales experience that intersects with their business goals. Correction: their vision.

Dealing with the C-suite is tough. In sales, we are in the business of gap analysis – and this can only be determined when we know where we are heading versus where we are!

In so many back and forth frivolous conversations, we forget the meat: the baseline, the concrete vision which our clients are trying to meet. So going back to the webinar, I was talking some notes and while I was, he asked me to close my eyes and envision a beautiful place – my destination – and feel the dream as if it is my present. My moment. Not fleeting – my reality. My vision that I keep journaling about. My vision to envision my best self; to reach my highest potential.

My vision.

I felt as if he was just communicating with me. He asked, “what’s your vision?” And “what’s stopping you?” I had an epiphany: something which I can’t describe in words. It was like I had all emotions triggering me to live my vision, where nothing can stop me. Nothing. And whatever was unconsciously stopping me, slowly fading away.

Can it get any simpler than this? Remember: While these questions are simple to ask, trust me, the prospect will have a really hard time to iron out his vision in the clearest possible way. This question opens vistas of newer perspectives and lets you harness the power of connecting with the prospect on a deeper level.

As Robin Sharma rightly points out: if you know your what, fueled with your why, you can easily figure out the how. And that is where we come in!

Sometimes all it takes is to truly envision where you want to be – and everything else is secondary. And although some prospects might find these questions being a little intrusive, the question is – how many of us actually have a broad, all-encapsulating mind to help our prospects realize their full crystallized vision?

Helping someone realize their vision can be an epiphany for you, too. After all, we all are prospects for someone in this world. And that is why you need to close the chasm between your story and theirs. And find a connect, which is unbreakable and unforgettable.

So, what’s your vision? And what’s stopping you?