While networking events and conferences serve as a comforting cushion to make new contacts on the go, but they are only as good as the time you meet them [your new connections]. And so the question arises, how do make a full circle with them and renew conversations at which you left them thinking about you? It’s via your online presence – and a sound social media following and virtual networking.

Good news is that there are a lot of social networks through which you can connect with them and spark conversations, so you’d have to choose your social network that works as a strong enabler in making meaningful connections.

One of my favorites is Twitter. I love the byte size content that greets my eyes every morning when I am sipping my tea. Twitter rules in the brevity of content, yet never fails to intrigue us with those quirky tweets/ updates that show on our Twitter stream. Twitter also helps you in creating your brand’s influence on your desired target audience. While a massive social media following does convey your brand’s influence, but more than that is your discipline to consistently create and curate content that your audience will love to engage with – and eventually like you for your way of thinking through so much of content pool.

Your Twitter presence can make a huge impact on your personal brand when you start to pay focus on these essentials.

  • Choose your Twitter handle wisely. I came up with my Twitter handle – Letthemuseflow – as it naturally is aligned with why I am present on Twitter. I urge people to share their reams of muse – something which excites them and revs them up every morning – and share their brand’s story with the world. What’s yours? How do you define your brand? Choose your words carefully, as people slowly start to mesh with your brand and develop a perspective about you. (Hopefully, it should be positive!)


  • Pick a creatively inspiring image for your profile. Nobody likes a bland/ boring image; especially an image that is not defining your brand persona – the aura you carry with yourself online. Look for an image that empowers others visually and touches their soul. That is when you make connections with total strangers who stop by at your profile. I love Maria Popova’s Twitter handle – it’s creative, invigorating and fresh! Need I say that it hooks me up so effortlessly? I read the Sunday Brainpickings blog sent to my inbox – and now it’s my way of living.


  • Share content that is engaging and inspiring. I love the way Jeff Goins shares his content on his Twitter handle. He shares the right blend of image and text: that is a perfect marriage of his visual and text creativity. Every piece of his content – be it his own or curated – is so meaningful, and has a message that you can instantly take away. He is a no-nonsense guy, yet so rooted in his passion for creating the world’s best writers -and it shows. His tweets are not ‘salesy’ and fluffy; it’s educative and inspiring. How inspirational can you be? There are definitely no limits to being inspired and be inspiring – it’s a win-win, right?


  • Proactively tweet instead of automating your tweets all the time. Yea, I know we should automate our tweets instead of being glued to our mobile/ laptop screens. But you know what? You should personally schedule a time when you are fully present with your tweets; after all, humans connect with humans. There has to be an emotional touch to your tweets to engage with people consummately. Do it – and see the difference!


  • Be purposeful and meaningful in your conversations. When you like a piece of content, take the time out to acknowledge someone who took the time to engage you with his/ her writing. That way, the culture of mutual admiration starts to spread between you and your followers/ potential followers. Result? You don’t just have a steady stream of people who like you for your flow of thoughts that reflect in your tweets, but also start to draw a positive and charming brand image of you.

When you consistently stick to be genuine and helpful, your brand will thrive on Twitter.

Follow these essentials, you won’t be disappointed.

Over to you: how are you growing your brand on Twitter?

Let’s talk!