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About me

Hello there – I am Aditi, the founder of Let The Muse Flow. I write on personal branding at the intersection of integrated communication, sales, new business development, entrepreneurship (and life!). I believe we live in an age where we have to showcase our talent in a way that is profound yet humble. I came up with this blog title (“Let The Muse Flow“), when I personally felt that we all have something to say, something to express, and articulate our reams of thoughts to the world.

The concept of personal branding caught my attention when I was personally looking out for a fulfilling career instead of just moving from one job to the other. In the interim, while I was revealed to myself, I found my calling – being you, come what may! My passion has always helped me in entering new avenues of different career frontiers, while staying true to myself and my constant yearn for finding the apt mix of satisfaction and challenge.That’s when I created this little space online for myself to share my experience and learnings with all of you and, in turn, learn from your experiences here.

Personal branding is not just for millennials looking out for jobs; it is for anyone who has a potential to create an all-embracing experience for an audience via their knowledge, learning, thought leadership, competencies, values, and authenticity. I simply love to share great content here and on my Twitter handle.

“Bringing minds and hearts together is what I desire to create via Let The Muse Flow.”